Moritz Schleime (* 1978, Berlin-Köpenick) studied painting and graphics with Hanns Schimansky and Werner Liebmann (1998 to 2004) at the Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee, where he graduated as a master student. His works are represented in exhibitions and international collections (including Olbricht Foundation, SOR Rusche Collection, Schleime is the son of the painter Cornelia Schleime. Moritz Schleime faced the interview IN|DEEDS in February 2018.

Two sentences about your Vita.

Born in East Berlin. Live and work.

What are you most worried about at the moment? What’s on your mind?

Honestly, I do not even try to think much. It has never really brought in anything except an awful lot of cigarettes that you smoke. It is important to have an attitude that comes from the very inside and that wants to trust and not force everything, but to stay calm. It usually comes all by itself when the time is ready. At least that is my expierience.

Moritz Schleime, Courtesy by Moritz Schleime
How did you come to art? Why art?

I just wanted to paint my girlfriend a great picture to win her back, a real masterpiece, but it still did not really happen. And with that girlfriend back then, at some point she was forgotten.

What makes you happy right now? What are you currently afraid?

When the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and I have painted well, to be at the lake with a book and friends, especially my girlfriend, to Bossa Nova comes from the radio and I shoot Manuel Neuer the football by the legs with fallback will.

Do not worry, maybe before that sometimes the whole world is just one or even my imagination, although that would be almost funny again.

Moritz Schleime, Lazyland (The ass full of fear), 2016, Oil on Canvas, 180 x 125 cm
What is your art? And can you share the intention of your art with us?

I really do not know that and it has always been like that. I just do it. Go with the flow with life. But I’m sure if my picture appeals to me and it rocks, there will be at least one other person on this planet for whom this picture was also painted.

How do you protect yourself from too much inspiration in this day and age?

I am very seldom on the internet and still rely on the random ideas, from the pub or the red light. I also have an empty room in which I sit down and there happens a lot with me and in me. In the end, most of the pictures are of destruction of pictures and ideas.

How do you assess the current development of the art market?

The art market is pretty bad for me, I’m not against him either, but over time I’ve learned to leave all the hype-hype & hopping up next to me and just focus on my work as permanent in the threesomes to the feed trough of the To stand on the art market monster to wait for the appropriate dose of alcohol and recognition.

What I do not want to miss, however, are all the wonderful encounters with like-minded people that I was allowed to do so far. There were weird times when that was sometimes more “market”, now it’s more “scene” again, it’s become more human and joyful again and that’s a good thing. But everyone has their own perception and reality.

Two sentences about your current project.

There is always a lot to do in parallel. The most intense in the near future will be the work on my single show “fire & flame” for autumn tour in the store for nothing at the cotton mill in Leipzig. Probably the title will be too embarrassing for me until then.

What are your (next) goals?

Basically, the moment is always the goal, to experience it with full attention. Otherwise, a nice trip would be just fine. I would love to go to Machu Picchu. But I have flight and height anxiety. So maybe that would be the last gear and I’ll save that for a lot later. 2078!

If you had not become an artist, what would have become of you instead?

Definitely Formula One Pilot!

What is your work about?

Dirt, humor, romance and a sense of it from the time I live.

Do your inspirations always come from your own experiences?


Moritz Schleime, The Dicks, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 250 x 170 cm 
Do you think that art has a social responsibility?

I do not know, I rather have the impression that art exists even more outside of society and mostly reflects itself and does not play a significant role globally. At least maybe art can change the individual person or even a whole country in his thinking and feeling. But when you’re out of the metropolis and the art bud, you realize it’s really about other things. I believe one has rather a human responsibility towards all other life. Nevertheless, I believe and hope that art is becoming more and more integrated into everyday life for all people, such as the language becomes something very natural.

Is there art in the family with you?

Yes, my father is a painter.

Do you have a gallery owner? How did you get to know him?

Only about Parship in less than eleven seconds. No, I have three gallery owners and most of the time it was strange coincidence how I met you.

Do you have a creed – if so, what is it?

Listen to your heart.

How far would you go? Are there any taboos?

No hamsters stuck in mircowaves, Zak Mackracken !!!

What was the most unpleasant moment for you?

I still do not like my own solo show vernissages.

Which project would you like to realize?

Build a giant billiard cue into space and try to shoot the earth into one of the black holes. But is too expensive!

Interested in what collectors do with your work?

I am always happy when I hear from my collectors that you have not yet accused my dogs of eating my pictures.

Moritz Schleime, Good Morning Fingers II, Oil on Canvas, 2016, 50 x 40 cm
What are the attributes of good art from your point of view?

In the end, a work of art is usually just an object. He just has to touch me, otherwise no object can do that by itself.

Which writer and which books influenced you the most?

The blizzard of Vladimir Sorokin. Did not affect me much but I like the imagery very much.

Is one born as an artist? Or is an art study obligatory?

I think it’s not just about how you coined. Why not Formula 1 teaching at all schools?

Does Berlin influence your art? If so, which one?

Yes, it already has influence. Every place has its own energy. Berlin is just a big pub and this jukebox of life is also needed for inspiration. But it always feels good to go away again and again to come here.

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