ART@Berlin – since the launch of the beta version in September 2015, probably the most comprehensive and complete internet portal for art galleries and art exhibitions in Berlin. The art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS, published by ART@Berlin, has been informing all art enthusiasts about the Berlin art scene in printed form since spring 2017. Since autumn 2018, you can also read this information online here on DEEDS.WORLD. DEEDS.WORLD even looks beyond Berlin’s horizons to provide information.


More about ART@Berlin

The art information portal ART@Berlin (www.artatberlin.com) gathers all relevant information for experiencing art exhibitions in Berlin in one virtual place: from the gallery and museum finder to the presentation of a multitude of art exhibitions in galleries and masterpieces from Berlin museums, from the calendar of events with all relevant dates for vernissages, finissages and artist talks to a detailed description of all future art exhibitions in Berlin.

On ART@Berlin all art enthusiasts will find the activities, addresses and protagonists of all existing galleries, museums and artists in Berlin. They can also find out all the important information about the exhibition venues and galleries, as well as the direct route to and from them, be it on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car. ART@Berlin is a platform for all those who want to see and experience art, its artists and the gallery scene in Berlin.

ART@Berlin is readable in both German and English. On almost every page you can switch to the other language version by clicking the language button in the upper right corner. During the implementation of the website, special importance was attached to the fact that it is optimally displayed on all mobile devices (responsive design).

However, ART@Berlin does not see itself as an art critic. ART@Berlin does not evaluate or rate. ART@Berlin communicates, presents, introduces and presents for discussion.

The aim is to create a virtual place for Berliners or Berlin visitors interested in art where they can get a complete overview, i.e. of future exhibitions as well as past exhibitions by gallery owners, museums and artists in Berlin.


Art metropolis Berlin – but also art jungle.

Berlin – world-class art metropolis. There are more than 400 galleries here, and the trend is rising, despite the many deplorable closures. Approximately 20,000 artists are seeking cooperation with galleries or representation by them. Up to 3,000 exhibitions are presented to the public in Berlin every year. This brings Berlin to New York and with London to one of the top places in the ranking for the TOP 3 of the title “Largest Art Metropolis in the World.

Dozens of committed, art-loving bloggers and editors report on this Berlin art scene, and we are all grateful for each and every one of them. However, it is in the nature of things that they report on individual exhibitions, gallery owners and artists with heart and passion, in detail, but selectively and according to personal inclination or editorial guidelines, often in the form of reviews, and thus in a follow-up. Due to existing conflicts of interest, only a part of the exhibitions taking place in Berlin is presented to art lovers before or after the event. For the published contributions, this is done through a variety of channels that make it almost impossible for the art lover to gain an overview of the range of works on display. This is where ART@Berlin and DEEDS.WORLD can help.


Get an overview thanks to ART@Berlin and DEEDS.WORLD.

We see the combination of ART@Berlin and DEEDS.WORLD as the previously missing and now complementary, comprehensive art portal for Berlin and beyond, which, accompanied by the art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS, is intended to provide precisely this overall view; which networks, supports and presents all protagonists – whether artists, gallery owners or art-loving reporters – and aims to strengthen the art and gallery scene in Berlin beyond the borders of Berlin.


Help spread the message of art.

Es ist das Ziel von ART@Berlin und DEEDS.WORLD, gemeinsam das Interesse an Kunst in Berlin auszubauen und zu vertiefen, Schwellenängste abzubauen und eine Öffentlichkeit für Künstler und Kunst zu schaffen.

Diese Stadt lebt von Ihrer Vielfalt und somit auch von Ihrer existierenden Kunst-/Künstlerszene. Es ist ein offenes Geheimnis, das viele der kreativen Menschen, die diese Stadt so bereichern, nur schlecht oder noch nicht von Ihrer Arbeit leben können; ja geradezu entsparen, um diese Stadt als weltoffene, tolerante, inspirierende Metropole zu präsentieren.

Together we can achieve that art in and from Berlin becomes even better known and even more relevant: By comments on the website, by sharing contributions on FacebookGoogle+, PinterestTwitter and Instagram. Feel warmly welcome to do so.

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