THE INTERVIEW. IN|DEEDS: Taher Jaoui | Galerie Kremers

Taher Jaoui wurde in Tunis, Tunesien, geboren und lebt und arbeitet derzeit in Paris und Berlin. Seine Arbeiten wurden bereits in verschiedenen Gruppen- und Einzelausstellungen in Europa, Afrika und den USA gezeigt.

Taher JAOUI´s Kompositionen basieren auf einem intuitiven und einem unbewussten Prozess. Er nutzt verschiedene Inspirationsquellen, die von Cartoons und graffitiähnlichen Zeichnungen bis hin zu abstrakten Expressionismus- und Primitivismusbewegungen reichen.  Jaouis Werk verbindet Malerei und Zeichnung, Abstraktion und Repräsentation. Durch eine persönliche Sprache in seinen Kompositionen will er die Gefühle und Phantasie des Betrachters anregen und ihn seine eigene Interpretation des Bildes gestalten lassen. Er komponiert oft mit halbfigurativen Elementen wie Köpfen, Beinen, Augen oder Händen.  Er kombiniert einen aggressiven Einsatz von Farbe und Textur mit verschiedenen Kombinationen von Öl, Emaille, Sprühfarbe und Holzkohle auf Leinwand.

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Two sentences about your CV.

I’m self taught artist. I’m originally a financial engineer and I also studied acting for few years.

What are you thinking about most at the moment; what are you up to right know?

I’m constantly thinking about new ideas and new techniques to add to my work.

How did you get to art? Why art?

I was looking to a way to express intuitive ideas, handy work, energy and creativity. It comes naturaly to me. I started by making collages on small formats.

What makes you happy these days? What frightens you?

I’m happy about the two new paintings made for my solo show at Galerie Kremers. It was a big challenge for me to work on a 9 meters piece and in monochrome (black and white). The challenge of the second painting is about sewing old paintings together in a new compostion and working on them.

What is typical for your art? Could you please share with us the intention of your art?

Colors and energy. The first intention of my art is to stimulate the imagination of the viewer in an energetic and funny way.

Which role does mathematics play in your art?

The mathematics came from my engineering school and university courses. I was raised in mathematics due to my parents background too. I think mathematics play a major role in everything around us, in nature, in most of the fields. It was instinctive the first time I thought about adding some mathematical symbols to my compositions. I think numbers and mathematical symbols have a kind of mystic sense.

How do you protect yourself from too much inspiration these days?

I don’t protect myself. I don’t want and I don’t need to. I live all this like a child dream, like a game.

How do you assess the current development of the art market?

I don’t have the necessary hindsight to make a judgment about the market. There is a lot of great artists for all over the world. The art market is very exciting to me.

If you would not have become an artist, what would you have become instead?

An actor. I already tried but I wasn’t successful and I didn’t gave it too much time. I had a problem managing my emotions on stage. Sometimes it was too much and sometimes nothing came over.

How much of your work is planned – how much emerges intuitively?

Let’s say 80 % of my work emerges intuitively. Usually when I plan things it doesn’t really work.

What are your artworks about?

My artwork is about energy, positivity, imagination and fun.

Do your inspirations always refer to your own experiences?

My inspirations came form my own experiences in my life and in my studio.

Which role does humor play in your works?

My humor is the key in my work. You can feel it my compositions and in my movements. I can be slow, precise, chaotic, monochrome.

Do you believe that art has a social responsibility? What do you believe it can cause?

Not in my process and in my philosophy. Art is for everyone, art is like any other form of expression.  I’m doing what I was sent to do on earth with my own instrument for all human beings.

What do you feel about political art?

I’m not concerned by the subject. I don’t think nothing about it.

In what artists are you interested in?

In all kind of artists. The more creative and intuitive ones. The ones how take risks.

Does art run in your family?

All my family have scientific background except for my brother who is an actor.

Do you have a gallerist? How did you meet?

I have several gallerists, yes. I met some of them in person and others online.

Do you have a credo (confession of faith) – and if yes, what does it say?

Get it done.

How far would you go? Are there taboos?

Sky is the limit. There are no taboos for me.

What was your most uncomfortable moment?

When I have to speak in public to an audience about personal things.

Which project would you like to implement?

I would love to make huge painting installations.

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