Der amerikanische Maler Juan Logan, der in Nashville, Tennessee, geboren wurde und derzeit in Belmont, North Carolina, lebt, spricht in einem Interview (Interview in englischer Sprache) über die zentrale Botschaft seines künstlerischen Werks.

(in englischer Sprache) Please describe the core theme and the central message of your work.

The central theme in my current work is memory , the acknowledgement of it, the loss and fragmentation of it and all to often the absence of it. I try to find a way that allows me to speak of those things clearly and with meaning. It is also with the understanding that while five people can see an event, each of them will recall different parts of it. So it’s never quite the same for any of us.

Introduce us to the work that, in your view, exemplifies or best embodies the message of your work.

DEEDS WORLD - Intreview - Juan Logna - SFPL 2 - (c) Mitchell Kearney

Juan Logan, SPFL 2, 2021, acrylic on Legion Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor, 140 lb hot press paper,
10’ x 14”, Photo: Mitchell Kearney

What is the aim of your art, your work, what is it supposed to achieve in the viewer?

I try to be as honest and compassionate as I possibly can. Responding to others with empathy allows me to make work that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I try to listen and truly hear what is being said to me and I attempt to place that information in my work as best I can. While my paintings or most of my work is abstract, it is through abstraction that I actually am able to express those things using a much broader and compelling language.

Die Frage nach THE DEED | DAS WERK ist ein ergänzender und separat präsentierter Teil des THE INTERVIEW IN|DEEDS mit Juan Logan.

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