Serenade concert | Beauty against violence | Schöneberg | 17.07.2019

On 17 July 2019 a public serenade concert with baroque arias will take place in Schöneberg from 8:30 p.m. in the open air. As in the previous year, the organizers, the Foundation “Forum of Cultures on Questions of Time”, represented by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe, and the gallery owner Pascual Jordan (Workshop Gallery), would like to positively charge a place in the city that has fallen into disrepute as a result of criminality and oppose violence with the beauty of art and culture.

ART at Berlin - Werkstattgalerie - Schoenheit gegen Gewalt - Serenadenkonzert

The motto of the Serenade Concert: Beauty against Violence.

“Between the great Cabaret Eldorado and Erwin Piscator’s theatrical departure, the beautiful old quarter (Schöneberg, editor’s note) once carried us so much of Berlin’s cosmopolitan spirit. Even now, people who are known and unknown live here, who have a sense for the questions of our time and the vastness of this world, engaged in the arts, in politics and in the problems of our present.

This pretty little square on a street corner is waiting to become a rendezvous for such consciousness from time to time. Some things have been done for it. Inviting rounds of sitting, a generous flower bed and already in the evening the light in the young trees. But in recent years this beautiful little garden has been darkly occupied by criminal activity and is considered dangerous.

We demand it as a space of free development for real encounters. In the past, the common consciousness of citizens in such places was set in stone by martial or artistic monuments. We let music speak for the fact that here, as everywhere in this country and far beyond, everything is at stake that we and others would like to make out of this precious life – in traditional and new forms of life to be created. In the freedom to experience this together with friends and strangers. A music that lets people perceive each other in a new way, as cheerful as it is carried by great feelings. Projections of large images of animating colours make the place vibrate with their large and delicate movements. We prepare a space of liberating resonances where daily anger makes us disgruntled and even some attacks endanger us, and welcome it with our lights and our neighbourly attention.

The impetus for this came from the art gallery (Werkstattgalerie, editor’s note) in one of the surrounding houses. Pascual Jordan prepares with old and new friends the music of instruments and singers, with a painter the scenery. The “Forum of Cultures” foundation, whose president also lives here, and he and other helpers have convinced the Senate, the district and the authorities: on 17 July 2019, a half-scenic serenade concert will be held to renew and revive the starting signal of last year’s new cultural work in our district.

This follows our idea not to exclude, but to address ALL as fellow citizens. We don’t want to climb balloons for a moment, but let candles shine out of our windows for a long time.”

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe, Foundation “Forum der Kulturen zu Fragen der Zeit” and Pascual Jordan

Beauty Against Violence – A Serenade Concert with Baroque Arias

WHEN? July 17, 2019, 8.30 – 10.00 p.m.

WHERE? on the playground Eisenacher Straße 4-5, Ecke Fuggerstraße 1-2, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg


The project is supported by the Senate Administration for the Interior and Sport – State Commission against Violence and the District Office Tempelhof-Schöneberg of Berlin.

Speaking at the opening Senator of the Interior Andreas Geisel, District Mayor Angelika Schöttler, Prof. Dr. Rudolf zur Lippe, Lea Rosh, Pascual Jordan

Soloists chamber singer Thomas de Vries (Baritone) Rachel Fenlon (Soprano)


Management Víctor García García

Set Design Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein


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