KW Institute for Contemporary Art presents program 2019

KW Institute for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce its artistic program for 2019. Continuing its investigation of “the body” and its relationship topolitics, identity, technology, and architecture, the program for 2019 extends the scope by digging deeper into the disintegration and constraints of the political and collective body.

Anna Daučíková, Výchova dotykom (Upbringing by touch), 1996, Courtesy the artist

A year with Renee Gladman

January – December 2019

KW and Schwules Museumorganize a one-year writer’s residency that will complement both institutions’ program and explore the substantial archive at the Schwules Museum, which remains unaltered over the past decades and highlights the history and culture of LGBTIQ communities in Berlin. The American poet and novelist Renee Gladman(b. 1971, US) has been selected as resident. More

Pause: Jimmy Robert, Emma Hedditch, Every Ocean Hughes (After Ian White)

January 19–20, 2019

May 18–19, 2019

August 24–25, 2019

To launch the exhibition seasons, KW presents a three-part Pause series dedicated to the late Ian White(1971–2013). An artist, performer, curator, teacher and writer based in London and Berlin, White’s work responded critically to the role of institutional infrastructures in the production of art. The program is comprised of works of three of White’s friends and collaborative associates—Jimmy Robert (b. 1975, GP), Emma Hedditch (b.1972, GB), and Every Ocean Hughes (b. 1977, US)—and will explore how their shared work and White’s legacy continue to influence contemporary performance and durational collaboration. More

David Wojnarowicz: Photography & Film 1978–1992

February 9 – May 5, 2019

American artist and activist David Wojnarowicz (1954–1992) came into prominence in the East Village art world of the 1980s, forging an expansive range of work both fiercely political and highly personal. The exhibition will be the first to solely concentrate on his photographic and filmic work. More

Reza Abdoh

February 9 – May 5, 2019

Co-produced with MoMA PS1, KW shows the work of the late American-Iranian theater maker Reza Abdoh (1963–1995), whose plays were, by all accounts, immersive, confrontational, and often shocking. More

TIES, TALES AND TRACES. Dedicated to Frank Wagner, Independent Curator (1958–2016)

February 9 – May 5, 2019

For nearly 40 years German curator Frank Wagner (1958–2016) was part of Realismus Studio, a curatorial working group of neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK) in Berlin. Wagner was one of the first curators in Europeto address the topic of AIDS. More

Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018: Anna Daučíková

June 7 – August 18, 2019

Anna Daučíková (b. 1950, SK) is the recipient of the Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018 bestowed by the Schering Stiftung in cooperation with KW. In her work the Slovakian artist links reflections on the role and aftermath of modernism in Eastern European societies with notions of the political body. More

Art Club 2000

June 22 – September 1, 2019

Art Club 2000 was founded in 1992 in New York and remained active until 2000. Through strategies of appropriation and cultural critique, Art Club2000 reflected upon the drastic changes in society and also challenged the conventional notions of authorship. More

Image Bank

June 22 – September 1, 2019

Image Bank was a term coined by Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov in 1970 to describe and define an artist’s network. The Canadian artists used the postal system to create a network by regularly sending out image-requestlists to artists. The exhibition will be the first survey of the network which operated from 1970–1977. More

The Making of Husbands: Christina Ramberg in Dialogue

September 14, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Christina Ramberg (1946–1995) was one of the most intriguing American painters to emerge within a generation of Chicago Imagists. Ramberg’s understanding of the body as an environment is closely intertwined with its surrounding as shaped by corsets, hairdos as well as behavioural conventions. More

Hreinn Friðfinnsson

September 28, 2019 – January 5, 2020

As one of Iceland’s leading artists, Hreinn Friðfinnsson (b. 1943,IS) is celebrated for his inspirational and poetic use of everyday objects. His vocabulary, underscored by a delicate sense of humour, playfully implements storytelling and perceptual ploys. More

Kris Lemsalu

September 28, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Estonian artist Kris Lemsalu’s (b. 1985, EE) work carries the memory of local mythologies onto the surfaces of objects that resemble artifacts and by products of contemporary civilization. More

KW Production Series: Andrea Büttner & Rachel O’Reilly

Fall 2019

For its second year of commissioning, KW Production Series engages the work of two Berlin-based artists: Andrea Büttner (b. 1972, DE) and Rachel O’Reilly (b. in AUS). Already in development, these new moving image works will be premiered in the fall of 2019. More

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