– = + | Ideas for a rethink | Kasseler Kunstverein | 25.07.–18.10.2020

A virus is crippling the economy: aid packages, a reduction in VAT, scrappage schemes, the state as the major shareholder – everything is being put to the test to get consumer society moving. But does it really make sense and is it right and proper to fully revive the economy in all areas once the pandemic has been overcome? Isn’t the “spaceship Earth” (Buckminster Fuller 1968) long since on a threatening collision course? The planetary limits of growth have been exceeded and ecological problems such as climate change and species extinction are the great challenges of the present. Wouldn’t now be a good time to raise public awareness of the criticism of growth and make more of the old credo “less is more” than an aesthetic lifestyle of the better-off? Is it possible to develop a language for rethinking in art?


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Participating artist

25.07. – 18.10.
Sarah Metz / Janosch Feiertag
Think different, think Oberflächenveredelung.

25.07.- 16.08.
Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe

22.08. – 06.09.
Echo Can Luo / martinafischer13

12.09. – 27.09.
Lisa Dreykluft / Holger Jenss

03.10. – 18.10.
Romina Abate / Mike Huntemann

The Kasseler Kunstverein offers with “- = + ” a platform for the presentation and discussion of socio-critical positions. The concept is based on collaboration with artists from the region. For it is precisely local structures that consume fewer resources and enable a more sustainable economy. Architecturally, the idea “- = +” is represented in a room-in-room situation that uses existing materials and reduces the exhibition space: added value through reduction – the room as a training ground and showplace of the post-growth aesthetic.

In cooperation with the Department of Culture of the City of Kassel, this exhibition is the first time that a new municipal funding pot is being used. It is used to finance fees for artists* who exhibit in Kassel. In this way, the city wants to make a contribution to fairer remuneration in the cultural sector in line with the “Kassel 2030 Cultural Concept”. Accordingly, the fees do not serve to finance any exhibition costs incurred, but are passed on in full to the respective artists. “A great support for the Kassel art and culture scene and its commitment to an innovative Kassel”, the board of the Kassler Kunstverein is pleased to say.

Susanne Völker, head of the Department of Culture, described the motives that led to the new support in the area of artists’ fees in the context of the joint development of the Kassel 2030 Cultural Concept: “In concerts, theatre performances and readings, it is usually a matter of course that fees are paid to the artists involved. Unfortunately, this is still not the case in the visual arts. We would now like to change this at the municipal level. I am therefore pleased that the first exhibition to be sponsored in Kassel from these funds will present “Ideas for a rethink” at the Kunstverein.”

Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe

Photography enables Helena Schätzle (*1983) to learn from the world, to take in perspectives and to enter situations that remain hidden from most people. For her, photography is an attempt to contribute to the universal implementation of the same rights for all people. To this end, she has been travelling extensively for years to various countries, where she lives for long periods of time and works intensively on socially critical issues. Helena Schätzle’s works are exhibited internationally and have received many awards.

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Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe

Sudharak Olwe has been a photojournalist in Mumbai since 1988 and has worked as a press photographer for some of India’s leading newspapers. Sudharak has travelled throughout India documenting incredible stories of hardship, resistance and change. His focus is on the marginalized population, whom he tries to accompany in a dignified manner in order to offer them a representative platform. To this end he works a lot with human rights organizations. Sudharak’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and he has received several awards, including the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civil prize, awarded by the President of India in 2016. Sudharak’s photography is that of empathy. It is a journey into the invisible perspective of the human condition. His photography transcends all boundaries and presents moving stories of individuals and communities.


DEEDS WORLD - Courtesy of Kasseler Kunstverein - Schaetzle_Olwe - 2


Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe


The houses of 14 Pardhi families were completely destroyed by higher ranking villagers and the families were driven off their land. The Pardhi tribe, which was collectively declared a criminal by the British in 1871 for rebelling against their domination, is still marginalized from society and more frequently subjected to violence. Meghabai’s husband, Nanjibhai, was brutally beaten to death with iron bars because he demanded an investigation into corruption cases that had occurred during the term of a higher-caste mayor. Earlier attempts had been made to intimidate the family. Seventy high-caste villagers attacked Meghabai’s house. Meghabai was sexually harassed and her father-in-law was hacked in the shoulder with a sword. The houses of 14 Pardhi families were completely destroyed by higher caste villagers and the families were evicted from their land. The Pardhi tribe, which was collectively declared a criminal by the British in 1871 for rebelling against their supremacy, is still today excluded from society and more frequently subjected to violence.



Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe

Sarah Metz / Janosch Feiertag

Sarah Metz is a product designer and is involved in art education and social design.
Janosch Feiertag is a freelance artist, illustrator and gallery owner. Together they organize exhibitions, concerts, currywurst stalls and actions in public space. They are currently opening an open printing workshop in Kassel’s Mitte district.

Echo Can Luo

Echo Can Luo was born in China in 1988. From 2006 to 2010 Luo studied multimedia design at the China Academy of Art. In 2018 Luo received her master’s degree at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and
became a master student of Professor Joel Baumann. Based on the algorithms, including 3D modelling, 3D photogrammetry and face tracking, her project aims to improve the biased and differentiated algorithm in applying and testing the software or the influence of discrimination and bias on real situations and data. She participated in Monitoring, the 34th Kassel Dokfest and has shown her work at the CAA Kunst-Museum in Hangzhou China, Panke Gallery Berlin, Kunstraum Villa Friede Bonn, MdbK Leipzig, Der REAKTOR Vienna and other venues.

Lisa Dreykluft

Lisa Dreykluft studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and the Bath School of Art and Design, United Kingdom. Her works from the fields of video, installation, new media and performance have been shown at festivals such as the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne, Thresholds Performance Festival, Düsseldorf, Elles Tournent, Brussels or Kasseler Dokfest as well as exhibition venues such as the CAA ART MUSEUM, Hangzhou, Reaktor, Vienna or panke.gallery, Berlin.

Holger Jenss

Holger Jenss studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and visual communication at the Kassel University of Art and Design. He works with the media of photography, film and sound. His research and work focuses on the examination of normative visual worlds, on how subcultural and mainstream contexts are constructed through visual codes and their transmissions, and on postcolonial perspectives with regard to photography and pop culture. He shows his work in exhibitions and film screenings.

Romina Abate

Romina Abate combines various media such as drawing, photography, video, performance to create sculptural arrangements and installations. In her multidimensional works, she investigates levels of association and reference between language, image, object and space, and thus and contextual shifts in meaning and context. finds, as well as illustrations and Terms from lexicons form ambiguous, poetic, fragmentary and non-linear narratives. The works, similar to experimental set-ups, question familiar modes of representation and representation, as well as production and reception modes of installation art and design their own systems of order and reference. Romina Abate, born 1982 at Lake Constance, studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with Prof.in Dorothee von Windheim, Prof. Christian Philipp Müller and Prof. Florian Slotawa, whose master student she was in 2014. She received numerous scholarships at home and abroad, most recently the two-year Georg Meistermann Scholarship of the Cusanuswerk. She is currently working as an artistic assistant at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in the class for art in a contemporary context.

Mike Huntemann

Mike Huntemann (*1992) is a media artist and researcher from Kassel. In his artistic practice, he researches the production and distribution of user-generated content on social media platforms, investigates Internet structures on privacy and surveillance and develops installations on algorithmic decision-making processes. For his video works he uses software tools to automatically detect, categorize and assemble found footage material. Mike Huntemann studied New Media at the Kunsthochschule Kassel until 2019, where he continues his work as an artistic collaborator on decentralized networks and crypto-currencies.

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