Finissage: Greetings from Arcadistan | Galerie Z22 | 20.12.2018

Gallery Z22 presents the exhibition “Greetings from Arcadistan” from 11 November to 23 December 2018. On December 20, Z22 invites you to the finissage – with a guided tour through the exhibition with Kai Teichert and a performance with Jon Darc.

The artist Kai Teichert has transformed the unusually sunny summer of 2018 in Berlin into a series of oil paintings that offer provocative nudity. His figures bathe in light and color, relaxed and seemingly with all the time in the world. An idea that does not seem to belong to the beginning of the 21st century. The artist plays with numerous art historical and cultural associations: Lukas Cranach’s fountain of youth from 1564 is reminiscent of the reform movement from Monte Verità near Askona in Switzerland around 1900.


Teichert’s bathing scenes settle in the Arcadian longing for renewal and innocence, but do not omit political echoes either: He titles the wall-sized central painting of our exhibition “Greetings from Arcadistan”. He combines the old Arcadia with our globalized reality, offering multi-layered interpretations that could be casually shortened to a rhyme: “Far away is next door, greetings from Arcadistan”.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 70-page catalogue booklet with texts by Dr. Sibylle Ehringhaus and Lucia Katharina Orellano M.A.

Galerie Z22 cordially invites you to the finissage with artist Kai Teichert on a guided tour of the exhibition.

WHEN? Thursday, 20 December 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Performance: Find me in the Dark by and with Jon Darc at 8:00 p.m.

Zähringer Straße 22
10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

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